The Walking Dead season 9: Rick and chums are attempting “a very ambitious dream”

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The Walking Dead season 9 will see Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes and his band of zombie-killing buddies attempting to realise a “very ambitious dream”.

Outgoing showrunner Scott Gimple – who is handing the reins of the series over to Angela Kang for season 9, so he can take on an overseer role for the network – revealed a few more titbits about The Walking Dead season 9 in a brand new interview.

“Sort of a sophistication comes into play,” Gimple teased, conjuring images in our mind of Rick wearing a monocle. “It’s going to be a very, very different season with a very, very different drive.”

Offering a bit more insight as to what that sophistication and drive stems from, Gimple said this:

“The conclusion of that conflict [against Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan] in some ways was the conclusion of a certain way of life they were following.”

Now that the ‘All Out War’ with Negan is wrapped up, our heroes are pursuing a new world order that Gimple says is “a very ambitious dream to put together. It’s enormous, in fact.

“It requires cooperation, and the stakes are much, much higher,” Gimple added. “That leads to very different types of stories and different sorts of conflicts.”

This sounds like an interesting shift to us, which should make a refreshing change to age-old formula of pitting Rick and his friends against a new set of nutjobs every couple of years.

We’ll keep bringing you The Walking Dead news as it happens.