The Walking Dead: trailer for Rick’s last episode

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Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes will bow out of AMC’s The Walking Dead next week, with season 9 episode 5 being his final appearance in the zombie drama. Check out the trailers now!

Here it is, then, the official trailer for Rick’s swansong on The Walking Dead…

And here’s a clip from the episode, which sees Maggie and Michonne disagreeing on what to do with Negan…

The episode, which is titled What Comes After, seems to feature Rick taking a major injury to his side. Rick also seems to spend a fair bit of the episode walking around his own, harking back to that unforgettable pilot episode where Rick awakened in the hospital and wandered out into a ruined world.

Speaking of the hospital, we even see the iconic ‘DON’T OPEN, DEAD INSIDE’ writing on a door. Has Rick really gone back to the hospital, or is his injury causing hallucinations?

Rick seeing things certainly seems plausible. After all, we know that Jon Bernthal’s long-dead character Shane will be seen in the episode. Shane starred alongside Rick in the first episode of The Walking Dead, so it’s only fitting that he should be here at the end.

The Walking Dead season 9 episode 5 will air next week, and we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest news as it happens.