The X-Files to end unless Gillian Anderson returns

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It looks like the end is finally in sight for The X-Files. Gillian Anderson, who has played Dana Scully in the show since episode one, has been saying for some time that the new run – season 11 – would be her last. She’s stuck to those comments in recent days too, and that’s led to speculation that the end of the show is nigh.

Now, Fox – the network behind it – has confirmed that it won’t be making more episodes of The X-Files if Anderson does indeed depart the series. This doesn’t seem to be a hardball negotiating tactic either, rather just a statement of position. Fox hasn’t given up on Anderson possibly changing her mind, but also, it doesn’t have immediate plans for more The X-Files anyway as it turns out.

As Gary Newman, CEO and chairman of Fox TV told TV Guide, “I think you could have asked Chris [Carter, show creator], David [Duchovny] or Gillian at various times since the show originally went off the air and some days you’d get a yes, some days you’d get a no. They’ve done two additional seasons. I would not foreclose the possibility that in the future there could be more. Not only are there no plans [right now], but there hasn’t been a single conversation about it”.

The X-Files season 11 began in the US this week, and is heading to Five in the UK shortly.

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