Things get weird in the new Legends Of Tomorrow season 4 trailer

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“This isn’t playtime, you twits.” It looks like things are going to get weird again in DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, as the latest trailer features characters in the wrong costumes, a trip to Disneyland with Nixon, and a big Bollywood musical number…

Legends Of Tomorrow is easily the most imaginative show in The CW/Sky One’s DC superhero slate, and we’ve missed its barmy antics during its midseason break.

The show left off on a strong and very bizarre note, with Constantine wrecking the timeline prior to the midseason break, which resulted in – among other things – the entire Waverider crew being turned into puppets.

Following on from that won’t be easy, but this new Legends Of Tomorrow season 4 trailer does more than enough to get us excited again…

“People need franchise superheroes to feel safe” is an interesting line in the trailer, with the Legends dressing up as Supergirl, Green Arrow and The Flash for what appears to be a kid-friendly stage show. God knows why they need to do that, but we look forward to finding out.

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow season 4 will return to The CW, after a lengthy-seeming mid-season break, on April 1. The UK broadcast on Sky One is normally a week later.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.