Three of the best bingo ads

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Bingo has always been a popular game bringing people together, and over the last few years the game of bingo has gained in popularity for a number of reasons, and being able to access bingo online is possible the main reason as games can now be sourced from mobile devices as well as computers.

And, as usual, when something gains in popularity the need to advertise becomes greater.  This had led to viewer enjoying some great advertisements on television.

Bingo adverts are usually cheeky and full of fun and colour. Aimed at the younger audience they have wowed viewers and have been central to quite a few brands nationwide.

Some of the most memorable:

  • Does anyone remember the man in green tight that promoted Robin Hood Bingo? Personally that image stayed with me far too long, but I think that was supposed to happen!
  • What about Foxy Bingo’s Crystal Ball Promotion? Foxy, the main canine behind the adverts was pivotal in pushing the brands name forward, plus the offers were pretty spectacular and would have likely made the most cynical amongst us go hmmmm? What’s that?  Tell me more!
  • I really enjoyed all of Gala Bingo’s adverts although I have to say even I got on my own neves by continually singing the theme (I am actually singing it in my head right now!) Some said that they were slightly cheesy, well what’s wrong with that?  Featuring real players and winners joining in that musical ditty I cannot get out of my head had a genuine feel good factor.  Gala Bingo also used the ads to front the largest giveaways in bingo history, not a bad way to promote your business.
  • If you were after something a bit more va va voom then Wink Bingo provided a great lesson to other sites on how to energise players, encouraging them to come through their virtual doors. Feel good themes are always a winner, especially when you are advertising a game that is synonymous with social interaction.

Other bingo advertisements have included celebrities like the Carry On films icon Barbara Windsor to drive their brand forward, and have managed to increase the sites traffic dramatically.

No matter what your personal style is there will be a site that suits you down to the ground, and the beauty of sourcing your games online is that if one does not suit you then you can simply move onto the next one on your list until you have found your perfect online bingo site.