Tonight With: new late night BBC comedy show announced

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The BBC has announced a new late night comedy TV show, with an interesting premise involving cutting edge technology and famous world leaders, entitled Tonight With…

The BBC is giving away free tickets to the pilot episode recording for Tonight With through, and you can click that link if you fancy going along to see the show get made.

The premise, which certainly has our attention, is described thusly…

TV history will be made at the recording of this hilarious late-night comedy chat-show, where Top Celebrities are invited on to take a sideways swipe at the big issues facing Britain today. But rather than chat with a heavy-weight host, our guests will be jostling with one of the most Famous Leaders in the World!

THIS SHOW IS THE FIRST OF IT’S KIND ON TV – bringing together cutting-edge technology with top celebrities.  What could possibly go wrong?

We can’t help but wonder, just what kind of leaders are these? Will we be seeing celebs getting interviewed by CGI versions of political leaders like Theresa May?

This pilot episode will be filmed on March 20th, and we’ll be interested to see if a full series eventually follows.

As we hear more, we’ll be sure to let you know.