Top 5 celebrity hairstyles

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Do you follow fashion very closely and always try to keep a pace with the latest trend in terms of the hairstyles and certain specific looks?

It is the celebrities who set a trend in fashion, and we commoners follow them as much as possible. Keeping a trendy haircut and growing facial hair and giving it a certain funky shape can bring a total transformation to your face.

A stylish beard with a cool hairstyle seems to the epitome of masculinity. If you want to know more about it, you can look into this stubble trimmer guide here and look at these straight razors in the Internet and gain knowledge about the same. The article highlights the top 5 celebrity hairstyles, which have also made a fashion statement with their facial hair styling.


Leonardo Dicaprio

You must have noticed his man bun in addition to the full beard appearance. The world was stunned to find Leonardo in such a different look with a total transformation in his an appearance. There were some who were critical of his messy and not so proper look. But, his fans were totally in love with his new avatar. In fact, following this great actor, several young men started sporting buns as well.


Colin Farrell

A spiky hair with a goatee and mustache can absolutely be a disastrous combination if not executed correctly. But, if you look at the Irish born actor, Colin Farrell, as a man, you might be inspired to, to sport the same combination look and charm the ladies around you. If you can maintain the similar appearance of the actor in terms of his hairstyle and goatee look, it will look effortlessly stylish and trendy.


Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s slick hairstyle gives him a cool, sexy and a smart appearance and his female fans simply cannot resist it. He seemed to be always experimenting with new looks and tries to find out what makes him appear good. Spiked up and undercut hairstyles were also opted by him. In case, you have a thick, wavy hair, you too can sport the look of Justin Timberlake and appear no less than him.


Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik has emerged as the new teen sensation. His fans love his songs and his singing, but his style statement is more popular. His boyish charm look with the trendy short, spiky haircut is simply irresistible. Apart from experimenting with his haircuts and hairstyles, he has also been spotted in beard and subtle and he completely rocked in them. You can pose the same appearance without booking in salons and seeking appointments from the stylists. Buy a good quality electrical shaver and get your desired celebrity look.


Johnny Depp

When we are discussing about the top 5 celebrity hairstyles, we cannot miss out Johnny Depp. His amazing sense of styling has always given him a par over other contemporaries and without doubt he has emerged as a style icon in the entertainment industry. He doesn’t seem to follow any particular hairstyle. Today, you might find in in long hair, the very next time, he will be in a short, messy haircut. His uneven facial hair seems to be very much in fashion.

With the help of the modern male grooming tools, you too can sport the celebrity looks and charm the ladies out there.