‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ cast list for Episode 1 announced

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Written by creator Russell T Davies, the first episode of the series – titled ‘The New World’ – airs at 9pm on Thursday 7th July 2011 on BBC One.

The full cast list is as follows…

Capt Jack Harkness – John Barrowman
Gwen Cooper – Eve Myles
Rex Matheson – Mekhi Phifer
Esther Drummond – Alexa Havins
Oswald Danes – Bill Pullman
Vera Juarez – Arlene Tur
Rhys Cooper – Kai Owen
Mr Peterssen – Brian Guest
Geraint Cooper – William Thomas
Mary Cooper – Sharon Morgan
Noah – Paul James
Male hiker – Phil Nice
Female hiker – Penny Bunton
TV journalist – Ellen Fox
Joan Cabina – Heather Ann Smith
Senior guard – Rocky McMurray
Female anchor – Nischelle Turner
Male anchor – David Grant Wright
Male anchor #2 – Jim Castillo
Female anchor #2 – Jackie Torres
Senior male anchor – Rick Chambers
Charlotte Wills – Marina Benedict
Female anchor #3 – Jessica Mathews
Nurse – Charlene Lovings
Female expert – Laura Gardner
Male professor – Clint Jung
Teenage girl – Carla Jeffery
British professor – Robin Sachs
Sgt Andy Davidson – Tom Price
Archivist – Van Epperson
Male nurse – Hymnson Chan
Senior professor – Ron Butler
Flight attendant – Laura Morgan
Rosita – Bunnie Rivera
Angry nurse – Lauri Hendler

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