‘Torchwood’ to remain ‘in the realm of the political thriller’

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Espenson has written five episodes of Miracle Day, including last week’s ‘Dead of Night’ and next week’s ‘The Categories of Life’.

Speaking to DigitalSpy at Comic-Con in San Diego last weekend, the former Buffy The Vampire Slayer writer commented: “…I do think Torchwood is going to stay in the realm of the political thriller, in the way that Children of Earth established, and this is continuing.”

She added: “Yes, there’s supernatural causes [for Miracle Day‘s storyline] but the effect of those causes is to create a political thriller, on Earth. I like that a lot. In Children of Earth, you were going into the halls of power, and in Miracle Day, you go behind the scenes of the medical establishment. I love that.”

Pondering the future, Espenson hinted: “I don’t know what the next season will be, if there is one, but I think it will retain that same feeling. It’s a real world, it’s a political world, and it’s just that something supernatural has happened that’s making us look at those worlds with different eyes.”

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