Trust Me: Alfred Enoch is the new lead for series 2

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With Jodie Whittaker moving on to a new form of doctoring, BBC One’s medical drama Trust Me is in need of a new lead. It’s just been announced that Alfred Enoch will be the show’s new star, as Trust Me forges ahead with a new central story.

Enoch, an alum of the Harry Potter franchise and a recurring feature in How To Get Away With Murder, will play a new character named Corporal Jamie McCain. This military man will be recovering from a spinal injury in hospital, when suspicious deaths start to pile up on the ward.

Ashley Jensen, Richard Rankin and John Hannah will all have important roles in Trust Me series 2, and the supporting cast will include Katie Clarkson Hill, Jamie Michie, Chloe Harris, Amiera Darwish, and Saskia Ashdown.

Enoch released this statement about his casting, taking the opportunity to praise the show’s return creator/writer Dan Sefton:

“It’s great to be on board, it’s a cracking cast and Dan has done a great job crafting something that’s really invested in the characters. It has a psychological concern that is dark and thrilling. I can’t wait to get started.”

We’re very intrigued to see how Trust Me fares with a whole new cast. Filming has just begun on the show’s second series, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted as we hear more.

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