Venom trailer: Tom Hardy unleashes his inner antihero

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The second trailer for Sony’s Venom movie has arrived on the web, and it has made a much better impression than the previous promo video. Tom Hardy stars in this Marvel Comics adaptation, playing a journalist named Eddie Brock who is bonded with an angry alien symbiote.

The first Venom trailer didn’t actually show the symbiote, which seemed rather odd and incurred a fair bit of backlash. This second trailer rectifies that in a big way, showing Hardy’s Brock in a fully transformed state. You can see for yourself here:

If all of this seems a bit familiar, that might be because you’ve seen the Venom story on the big screen before, in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. In that movie, Brock (then played by Topher Grace) bonded with the symbiote after Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man shunned it, and in the process became an outright villain.

This new Venom movie is approaching things in a very different way. Spidey is nowhere to be seen, for one thing, despite traditionally playing a core part in Venom’s origin story. And rather than becoming a simple baddie, Brock seems determined to work with the symbiote, embrace his inner antihero and ‘only kill bad people’.

It will be interesting to see if comic book movie fans embrace this movie, or disavow it for its lack of faithfulness to the source material. We’ll find out when Venom arrives in UK cinemas on 5th October 2018.