House of Cards season 6: Frank Underwood’s fate confirmed

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Netflix has, in an unusual move, has released a clip from House of Cards‘ upcoming final season confirming the fate of Kevin Spacey’s departed character, Frank Underwood.

Underwood anchored the series as the main character for the first five runs but now his equally power-hungry wife, Claire, has succeeded him in the Oval Office. She will serve as the lead character when the series returns at the end of the year.

The clip shows Claire standing over Frank’s gravestone, as she says, “I’ll tell you this though, Francis. When they bury me, it won’t be in my backyard. And when they pay their respects, they’ll have to wait in line.”

It’s a fairly pointed clip to release and we imagine Netflix will drip-feed us more hints over the coming months as we count down to House of Cards’ last curtain call.

In March, we got our first trailer for the series and then last month an air-date confirmation and some first-look pictures of incoming stars Greg Kinnear, Diane Lane and Cody Fern.

We’ll keep you updated with news of House of Cards as time goes on.