Junior Taskmaster finds its hosts in Matafeo and Wozniak

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Rose Matafeo and Mike Wozniak will lead the children’s version of C4’s enduring popular challenge show. 

The mighty Taskmaster goes from strength to strength on Channel 4. The broadcaster recently confirmed the show’s future for three more years, as well as giving the green light to a junior edition, which is cunningly titled Junior Taskmaster.

Now, they’ve confirmed who will be fronting the children’s version of the show.

Rose Matafeo

New Zealand comic, writer and actor Rose Matafeo (Starstruck) takes on the position of Junior Taskmaster. Matafeo starred in Series 9 of the adult version, so scoring the efforts of the young contestants and assigning points should pose no problem for her.

Of her appointment, she said:

“To be appointed as Junior Taskmaster is one of the greatest honours of my already wildly successful career. I am greatly looking forward to the power going to my head”.

Mike Wozniak

Writer and performer Mike Wozniak, from Series 11, supports her as the Junior Taskmaster’s Assistant. His job is to take notes, records statistics and efficiently administer the tasks.

Wozniak says:

“All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a Little Alex Horne (or a regional manager for a major provider of motorway service stations) so this is literally a dream come true. I hereby vow to do my utmost to hold the office of Junior Taskmaster’s Assistant in the spirit of the original Little Alex Horne: with his courage, his grit and his dignity”.

Junior Taskmaster comes from Avalon. The Executive Producers are Richard Allen-Turner, Rob Aslett, Andy Cartwright, Andy Devonshire, Alex Horne, James Taylor, and Jon Thoday. Mia Cross is the Series Producer.

We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, there are 15 series of Taskmaster available to stream on All 4.