Larry Lamb: Gavin & Stacey movie more likely than TV revival

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In an age where another reboot or revival is announced on a daily basis, it’s not foolish to think that a beloved show like Gavin & Stacey might someday return with new episodes.

But according to actor Larry Lamb, who starred in the series alongside James Corden, Ruth Jones, Joanna Page, Mathew Horne, Alison Steadman and Rob Brydon, a big screen return could be possible.

“I think it’s a distinct possibility that one day, they might make a film, that’s it,” the actor told The Daily Mail. “That’s purely conjecture… It’s got a huge audience, so I’m sure that’s what they’ll do. I don’t think anybody that was in it would ever say no to it.

“I think it’s highly unlikely that they’ll ever make another television series.”

Of course, Corden and Jones – who co-created the series – have stated in the past that there will be no more Gavin & Stacey, telling the Radio Times there were “no plans to make another one”.

And with James Corden’s career success reaching stratospheric levels over in the US, it looks as though any kind of return for the show could be a way off.