Loki still number one

Loki still #1 in the Nielsens, but several new titles come into the top 10

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After three episodes Loki still tops the Nielsens in the week 21-27 June, but we look lower down the chart for other stories

Another week, another set of Nielsens. We’ve lent out supercomputer to the organisers of the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Japan, so have processed this week’s data on a set of abacuses (abaci? abacab — no, that’s a Genesis album) and as usual dig a little deeper into the data and other works beginning with the letter d.

Before we dive in, you might want to check back with last week’s analysis and see what we said there for comparison.

The data

This is the published data from the Nielsen site. It’s only US audience and we’ve added the columns marked with ‘*’.

Rank Streamer Series # Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 DISNEY+ Loki 3 45 713 15,844,444
2 NETFLIX Lucifer 83 50 603 12,060,000
3 AMAZON Bosch 64 43 423 9,837,209
4 NETFLIX Workin’ Moms 57 22 394 17,909,091
5 NETFLIX Sweet Tooth 8 45 359 7,977,778
6 NETFLIX Black Summer 15 44 297 6,750,000
7 HULU The Handmaid’s Tale 46 50 266 5,320,000
8 NETFLIX World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals 8 33 253 7,666,667
9 NETFLIX Too Hot To Handle 13 45 190 4,222,222
10 NETFLIX Elite 31 48 171 3,562,500

Loki still #1, but what else happened?

Another good week for Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, and this is the week when we had Lamentis, which we feel is an almost perfect mid-point episode, building up mystery before it flips into explanation mode. We check our predictions: Sweet Tooth drop, Handmaid’s Tale to hold on and Loki to keep the top spot. We weren’t sure about Lucifer but it seems the bounce for the season 5B drop survived another week. Well done on sitcom Workin’ Months as well — it’s actually #1 for episodes watched.

We also said look out for some churn…

The newcomers


Bosch comes in a respectable third with the drop of the seventh and final season for Amazon Prime’s police procedural. Viewing figures are low this week, and reality show Too Hot To Handle made the #9 slot, while the fourth series of Elite only managed a lowly tenth. We like the churn but also note numbers are quite low in across the board, and while there’s clear water between each show, we don’t have the kind of gaps we have had.

What next?

We see Loki still keeping hold of the top slot, but won’t be surprised at a Bosch challenge, and it may well displace Lucifer. The early figures for Elite must be disappointing, but we gather it has been given a season five already. We’d like to see some bigger numbers and predict more churn.

Whatever happens, we’ll bring you our take next week!