Shadecraft Joe Henderson project

Joe Henderson, Lucifer showrunner, lines up his next project

Lucifer season 6 filming is drawing to a close, and it’s reported showrunner Joe Henderson as lined up his net Netflix project If you following Tom Ellis (@tomellis17) or Lesley-Ann Brandt (@LesleyAnnBrandt) on Twitter, you’ll have seen Lucifer and Maze have filmed their final scene together (sob!) Brandt reported so in a tweet: What a … >

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Lucifer season 5B

Lucifer season 5B — the wait continues for Lucifans

The March schedule for Netflix is available and there’s still no sign of Lucifer season 5B — how long will Lucifans have to wait? We all know there’s been huge delays to everything with the pandemic, but Lucifans have had every reason to think they might have had the second half of the recent Netflix … >

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lucifer season 5a

Look back at Lucifer season 5A while we wait for more episodes

Lucifer season 5A dropped on Netflix on August 21, 2020. Eight episodes brought celestial shenanigans and another emotional rollercoaster for our heroes. Thanks to the pandemic we’ve had to wait for season 5B to arrive, so we’ve taken the time to rewatch Lucifer season 5A [OK, and seasons 1-4 as well… maybe that was just us!] In … >

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lucifer 5b teaser

Another Lucifer 5B teaser trailer dropped on New Year’s Eve

While 2020 was moving to a welcome close, Netflix dropped another Lucifer 5B teaser… The news Lucifans are all waiting for is When will season 5B be released? Until then we’ve had another teaser revealed and while it’s mostly footage we’ve already seen in season 5A, there’s a little bit more. The teaser was released on social … >

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Lucifer and Chloe Decker - Lucifer news roundup

Lucifer news roundup including the latest fan rumours

At Cultbox we’ve been gathering various odds and ends of Lucifer news and put it all together in a Lucifer news roundup, We admit it. We’re desperate for news of Lucifer Season 5B. The teaser trailer just isn’t enough. Sadly it seems we won’t be getting any more Lucifer in January as we’d almost certainly see it in … >

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Lucifer writers share 601 details

Lucifer writers start sharing season 6 episode details

The Lucifer writers have started sharing titles for season 6 episodes. something the previously did for the final episodes of season 5B The Lucifer writers have their own Twitter (@LUCIFERwriters) as opposed to the show’s main account (from where we got the sneak teaser for the start of season 5B a short while ago). It’s … >

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Lucifer Season 5

Latest Lucifer teaser tweet for series 5B leaves fans baffled

The latest Lucifer teaser tweet has spawned a range of fan theories as they are left baffled by the clue We’re no strangers to trawling through every Lucifer teaser tweet on their Twitter feed and it’s how we found the poignant (and hidden) season 5B trailer in a Chloe Decker stan vid. Naturally we were excited … >

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Netflix sneaks out Lucifer 5B teaser

The official Netflix Lucifer Twitter feed has sneaked out a tiny (seconds long) teaser for season 5B. It’s not quite blink and you’ll miss it, but it isn’t advertised as such. On November 26, this tweet appeared: thankful for chloe decker today and every day, so we made a fancam to show how much we … >

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