The CultBox Podcast Roundup – October 2021

Welcome to the CultBox Podcast roundup for October 2021 Our favourites this month have included, in no particular order… From Queer to Eternity – Mark Gatiss While From Queer To Eternity has finished its first season, they’ve released the recording of their September 9th live show with Mark Gatiss. Made as part of the London … >

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Squid Game exceeds

Squid Game exceeds expectations in the latest Nielsens

Squid Game exceeds our already high expectations in the latest Nielsen ratings We expected Squid Game to top the Nielsens for 27 September – 3 October, but little did we know how far it would exceed out predictions. Here’s what we said last week: Starting with the easier end of the table, Squid Game should dominate for … >

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Squid Game arrives

Squid Game arrives at #1 in the latest Nielsens

Squid Game arrives in the Nielsens for 20-26 September — and it’s straight in at #1 As anyone paying attention to the press will have guessed, Squid Game is popular; very popular. We’ve processed the latest Nielsen data, and added our unique analysis. This week we’ve also some extra news about Netflix and ratings data, for … >

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Lucifer tops the Nielsens

Lucifer tops the latest Nielsens

Lucifer tops the Nielsens for September 13-19, after just coming second the weekend season 6 was released We’ve processed the Nielsen data for the week of September 13-19 and Cultbox favourite Lucifer tops the chart, though possibly for the final time. Before we dive into the data, here’s what we predicted last week: We see Clickbait numbers dropping, … >

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Clickbait holds Lucifer

Clickbait holds Lucifer off the top spot in the latest Nielsens

The Nielsens for September 6-12 are out and Clickbait holds Lucifer off the top spot, but it’s close We have the latest Nielsen data, and there’s a lot to talk about, Before we dive in, here’s what we predicted last week: We are very bullish (biased!) about Lucifer and expect season 6 to storm in at … >

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Clickbait leaps in at #1 in the latest Nielsens

The latest Nielsens are out and Clickbait is the new #1 — we dig deeper into the data We’ve been absorbing the Nielsen ratings for August 23-29 and Clickbait is the clear viewer’s choice (despite very mixed critical response), but as ever we’ve taken a deeper look into all the figures, then produced a narrative to … >

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Lucifer season 6 musical monents

Lucifer season 6 musical moments now on YouTube

Relive your favourite Lucifer season 6 musical memories — we show you how Throughout the seasons, there’s been plenty of music in Lucifer, peaking (or so we thought) in season 5 with Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam. Of course a new season (and check out our season 6 review) means more musical moments, and they’ve been collected together on YouTube. Where … >

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Lucifer season 6 review

Lucifer season 6 review — the Devil gets his due, and some surprises

Welcome to our Lucifer season 6 review — short version, we loved it! So. Lucifer season 6. The final season. The one added after what was originally the final season. There were tears, animation, easter eggs, character returns and even a few surprises. Written very much with the fans in mind (without whom it would have ended … >

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