Loki tops the Nielsens

Loki tops the Nielsens as Sweet Tooth drops to #3 behind Lucifer

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The most obvious message behind the latest Nielsens is Loki tops the chart — as usual we did a little deeper

Last week the chart was led by Sweet Tooth, knocking Lucifer into second with Loki a single episode third. We suggested it would do much better this week, and it has. We didn’t even borrow any Infinity Stones to make our predictions, and this week we’ve used the Time Variance Authority’s own computers to conduct our analysis. Watch out for giant lizards… [apologies if you’ve not seen Loki… yet!]

The actual data

We take the published Nielsen data and add a little to it (columns marked with ‘*’) to allow a deeper analysis.

Rank Streamer Series # Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 DISNEY+ Loki 2 45 886 19,688,889
2 NETFLIX Lucifer 83 50 703 14,060,000
3 NETFLIX Sweet Tooth 8 45 626 13,911,111
4 HULU The Handmaid’s Tale 46 50 505 10,100,000
5 NETFLIX Workin’ Moms 57 22 418 19,000,000
6 NETFLIX Lupin 9 50 363 7,260,000
7 NETFLIX Black Summer 15 44 323 7,340,909
8 NETFLIX Longmire 63 60 176 2,933,333
9 NETFLIX The Crown 40 55 138 2,509,091
10 NETFLIX Bojack Horseman 76 25 137 5,480,000

Loki tops the chart

After two episodes, Loki is a clear winner, but note Sweet Tooth has dipped below LuciferRelevant also is the numbers as a whole are far smaller at the top than in previous billion minute plus weeks.

What else is happening?

The Housemaid’s Tale is holding firm, Lupin seems to have underperformed on the second batch of episodes, and The Crown has popped back after a few weeks away. The Kominsky Method has dropped out but on the plus side, lots of new shows hitting the chart.

What do we expect next week?

We won’t be surprised to see Loki keep the #1 spot, expect Sweet Tooth to drop further, and wonder when Lucifer will run out of steam. The Handmaid’s Tale is in for a few weeks yet, and we expect more churn in the lower reaches of the chart.

Whatever happens, we’ll bring you the details next time.