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Lucifer 5B trailer released — time for the biggest battle of all?

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The Lucifer 5B trailer has been released — WARNING SPOILERS if you’ve not seen it (yet)

We finally get Lucifer season 5 part 2 (or 5B as we’ve been calling it) in a month’s time (May 28), so Netflix has released a trailer. And what a trailer!

Overall it’s clear the second-half of Lucifer season 5 is dominated by the rivalry between Lucifer and his twin Michael. Amongst several carefully edited clips we see various threads. Some of these will be red herrings, but some won’t. There’s also some great moments. We’ll try and make some sense of what we’ve seen in the 2:14 Lucifer 5B trailer…

Lucifer 5B trailer — the big picture

God arrived at the mid-point and is here for a while. Linda and Chloe (at least) are in on the truth, it’s less clear if Ella or Dan is in the know. God spends a little time deprecating Lucifer’s job with the police (he seems strangely not-omniscient) and Lucifer isn’t happy. They have relationship therapy (to save Lucifer’s relationship with Chloe, it seems) and we learn God is looking to retire. Time for Lucifer or Michael to take the job. We then get a lot of build up, fighting and more celestials than we can count. We didn’t spot Azrael (who we assume is on Lucifer’s side), nor Remiel (given the fight with Amenadiel, probably on Michael’s side). The odds look stacked in Michael’s favour, but we have faith [sic!] as the show is, after all, called Lucifer!


Not a lot is revealed, though she is seen kissing Eve. Does she get a soul? Whose side is she on in the big fight? It looks like Lucifer’s but we aren’t 100% certain. She also sports rather an impressive outfit at one point.

Big moments

There’s a fair amount of coverage of the family dinner, and round the table we have Lucifer, Amenadiel, Linda, God and Michael. We expect this to be more of a car crash than the family dinner back in season 1 where Lucifer upset Dan, Chloe and Penelope Decker before the starters were eaten.

Linda is seen being consoled by Lucifer at one point and also slaps Dan hard in another scene. Then there’s Chloe…


She gets to tell God exactly what she thinks of his parenting skills, and is seen with Lucifer and Amenadiel facing down a small horde of celestials. The bigger news is more controversial and has upset a lot of fans already. This is the most spoilery part of this piece. It’s a conversation between Lucifer and Chloe at the end of the trailer:

Lucifer: If I ever said those three words to you… it would be a lie

We are fairly sure the producers are playing mind games. The first part is voice-over across several scenes, with the final part in a scene between the two. We don’t think the two parts are actually connected. If they were expect a lot of extraordinarily upset fans!

And breathe…

Don’t forget, it’s only a trailer and intending to generate interest. It’s certainly done that; May 28 can’t come soon enough! You can watch the Lucifer 5B trailer and make up your own mind. Let us know what you think in the comments.