Lucifer confirmed for May — Lucifer with Chloe

Lucifer confirmed for May — just over eight weeks to wait

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We were pretty certain, but now it’s completley official — Lucifer is confirmed as back on Netflix for the rest of season 5B at the end of May

Netflix released the news (and it hit several of the cast’s social media as well) yesterday early evening UK time. With a Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) image (above), we know now Lucifer is confirmed for Friday May 28. In the UK it’s a Bank Holiday weekend — surely no excuse not to watch at least twice?!

How to fill the time until May 28

Obviously there are other shows apart from Lucifer, but with 58 days, that’s plenty of time to rewatch all 75 current episodes (we don’t it in far less!) If nothing else you might want to rewatch season 5A to pick up on the key plot lines. You could look at our list (later in this post) of season 5B story titles and wonder just what’s going on. You might even want to watch this amusing Lucifer Sing-Along video from Netflix, aka Tom Ellis Sings “What Is It You Truly Desire”. We have to admit it’s not precisely essential viewing, but it did amuse us yesterday while we scoured social media for clues as to when Lucifer would be back.

Why not let us know how much you’re looking forward to Lucifer being back for new episodes? What do you think God wants with Lucifer? What will happen to Michael? What’s the truth about baby Charlie’s divine nature? Will Lucifer say those three little words to Chloe? How will Dan cope with knowing the truth? Will Ella find out the truth? Does Trixie already know? What about Eve? Maze’s soul? May 28 can’t come too soon!