Lucifer season 5B

Lucifer season 5B — the wait continues for Lucifans

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The March schedule for Netflix is available and there’s still no sign of Lucifer season 5B — how long will Lucifans have to wait?

We all know there’s been huge delays to everything with the pandemic, but Lucifans have had every reason to think they might have had the second half of the recent Netflix Lucifer season 5 by now. Is it being held back to pace fans on the way to a Lucifer season 6 still in the early stages of preproduction and production? How long might we have to wait?

Reasons to be optimistic

Let’s bring you up to speed. First read our guide to Lucifer season 5A to remind yourselves of what we’ve been enjoying. All done? Good! Now, you might recall Lucifer season 5 was meant to wrap up the story, but a late renewal meant the final episode had to be re-written. This didn’t have time to shoot before lockdown. We also know the show is back in production and lots of filming has happened. We also believe some (most?) is connected to Lucifer season 6. We’ve had plenty of teases from the writers to this effect (and we’ve a feature piece coming up soon).

We have to assume all of Lucifer season 5B is signed off and it’s about the overall release schedule for Netflix.

How long might we wait?

Lucifer season 5A was released 21 Aug 2020. Could Netflix be holding back to make it an anniversary? It seems like a long wait to us, and if so it signals a substantial wait for Lucifer season 6. Maybe we’ll get that in two parts with a batch at Christmas? It’s possible, but we now wonder if at least some of the show’s finale awaits us in 2022.

What do we know?

We do know the episode titles for the rest of the season, so if nothing else there’s something to ponder:

5.9 Family Dinner

5.10 Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam (the singing dancing one)

5.11 Resting Devil Face

5.12 Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid

5.13 A Little Harmless Stalking

5.14 Nothing Lasts Forever

5.15 Is this Really how it’s Going to End?!

5.16 A Chance at a Happy Ending

We also ‘know’ Lucifer and God have some joint therapy with Dr Linda (Rachael Harris), God (Dennis Haysbert) stays around for a while and a much-loved character will die. We expect Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) to have some relationship challenges, we want to know the question God wants to as Lucifer and

As soon as we get actual news on a date for Lucifer season 5B, we’ll let you have it.