Lucifer writers share 601 details

Lucifer writers start sharing season 6 episode details

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The Lucifer writers have started sharing titles for season 6 episodes. something the previously did for the final episodes of season 5B

The Lucifer writers have their own Twitter (@LUCIFERwriters) as opposed to the show’s main account (from where we got the sneak teaser for the start of season 5B a short while ago). It’s a bit of fun, but does give fans something to mull over. We do wonder, given the amount of recent activity, is there a start date for season 5B coming up soon? Might we get the final eight episodes towards the start of 2021? After all they were nearly all filmed, apart from a rework of the final episode (A Chance at a Happy Ending) in line with the season 6 renewal.

Back to season 6

Fans have known for some time the title of the opening episode is Nothing Ever Changes Around Here. One of the commonest theories is this refers to someone (Lucifer?) back in the Silver City and disappointed by the lack of change. It might also be Eve or about something completely different, so more clues required. The writers also gave us the name of the writer and director.

Mike Costa has the writing credits, making this his twelfth episode in the series as a whole. He’s written many of our favourites, including (and not only) Pops, Deceptive Little Parasite and Expire Erect, so that’s a good sign.

We also note Kevin Alejandro is directing. If you hadn’t spotted, Alejandro also plays Detective Dan Espinoza (or Douche according to Lucifer), and this is (if we count correctly) his third directing credit after the ‘spare’ Amazon episode Once Upon a Time and the rather good season 5A cliffhanger Spoiler Alert. Whatever the enumeration, omens are looking good so far!

We assume there will be more titles leaked over the next week or so; we’ll collect them together and bring you an update as and when.