Tony Mammoth (Mike Bubbins)

Mammoth and other comedy for BBC Wales thanks to The Mandalorian

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BBC Cyrmu Wales has unveiled a collection of new comedy programmes to be broadcast over the next eighteen months, including a new sketch comedy show that uses pioneering AI technology previously seen in The Mandalorian to be broadcast on BBC Wales later this year, Mammoth and more

Six shows have been unveiled details for six comedy shows, with various pilots, tasters and series. We’ll dive deep into a couple of them…

Age of Outrage

Age of Outrage
Age of Outrage

Billed as ‘a comedy show for the internet age’, Age Of Outrage follows a pilot broadcast on BBC One Wales in February 2020. Shining a light on the frustrations of modern life, the series of six, 20-minute episodes will be one of the first productions in the world to use the innovative technology and virtual sets in a full project (previously seen in Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian) so it was able to be filmed during the pandemic. It is due to be broadcast later this year. It’s no longer on iPlayer, but the programme’s page does tell us:

The most popular and successful TV comedy show* featuring a sketch based in a bakers’ shop. Providing fodder for internet trolls since February 2020. With Miriam ‘two bread rolls please’ Isaac, Geraint Rhys ‘too many characters’ Edwards, Zak ‘thinking’ Ghazi-Torbati and Mali ‘sourdough’ Tudno-Jones. Featuring a special appearance by ‘Godfather of Gunge’ Dave Benson-Phillips. *(of 2020).


Written by and starring Mike Bubbins (see picture at top of article), it follows the story of 1970s PE teacher Tony Mammoth, who is presumed to have been killed in an avalanche on a school trip in 1979. With his body later discovered, he is miraculously brought back to life to resume his teaching position… in 2021.

Produced by BBC Studios and directed by Adam Miller (The Windsors), the 30-minute pilot will also star Joseph Marcell (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Welsh actress Jan Anderson (Casualty, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Mali Ann Rees (Tourist Trap).

Mike Bubbins says:

“…I tried to make it a comedy full of heart, positivity and optimism. It has a brilliant, talented cast and crew, and BBC Wales couldn’t have been more supportive throughout the whole process. I still can’t quite believe it’s happening. I didn’t think when I resigned as a PE teacher and drove out of the school gates, to try to make a career of comedy, that one day, just fifteen short years later, I’d be driving back in through those same gates to record my own BBC sitcom.”

Other shows

There are four other shows coming: Beena And Amrit, Bravo 2 Charlies, BBC Sesh Short Form and Porth Purgatory. More details of these can be found in the press release.