The Mandalorian most pirated

The Mandalorian replaces Game of Thrones as the most pirated show

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It’s a dubious honour, but a report from experts Torrentfreak reveals The Mandalorian was the most pirated show in 2020

At Cultbox we’d like to make it clear we do not condone piracy in any form of anything, be it TV show, film, audio drama, game or other software. It is not a victimless crime. That said, studying the list of most pirated shows in 2020 is a revealing exercise, and demonstrates the continued correlation of piracy with the kind of genre shows we all enjoy here at Cultbox.

For years the list was dominated by Game of Thrones, now fading in the public consciousness since the final episode was shown.

The full list from Torrentfreak (which we aren’t linking to, though the site is a news aggregator, and not in and of itself an advocate of piracy) is as follows:

1 (was 3 in 2019) The Mandalorian

2 (new entry) The Boys

3 (new entry) Westworld

4 (was 4) Vikings

5 (new entry) Star Trek: Picard

6 (was 8) Rik and Morty

7 (was 6) The Walking Dead

8 (new entry) The Outsider

9 (was 10) Arrow

10 (was 7) The Flash

The list of shows will be very familiar to Cultbox visitors, and while it gives a barometer of popularity, it’s one we wish didn’t exist.