New trailers and casting galore for Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl – SDCC

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The monolith that is The CW’s Arrow-verse always brings its A-game to San Diego Comic-Con, and this year was no different. With five shows now to promote (with a sixth on its way in the form of Batwoman), almost all of the trailers brought new footage and an inticing glimpse into what we can expect from Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow when they return in October.

First up – the elephant in the room – The CW’s Batwoman, which will be the channel’s third female-led superhero show (I’m counting Legends, because Sara). It’s just a tease, much like the video released for Black Lightning last year.

Jumping over to Star City, Oliver is still incarcerated after admitting to being the Green Arrow and the city is still enforcing its ban on vigilantism. The casting of Holly Elissa, Michael Jonsson and Miranda Edwards as the lethal Longbow Hunters was announced during the panel.

Highlight from the trailer: that awesome backwards jump from who we’re assuming (based on nothing) is Roy Harper in the Green Arrow suit.

Things for The Flash are slightly less dire, though no less mysterious, with the surprise appearance of Nora West-Allen at the end of last season throwing the gang for a loop while new bad guy Cicada (played by Chris Klein) prepares for his role in the season.

Supergirl has never been particularly shy about its political allegiances, but season four looks set to make its subtext about immigration text with a bad guy who wants to stop aliens from taking humans’ jobs and destroying their culture. We’re always readt for superhero shows to dispense with subtlety and just pick an issue, so this is very intriguing.

But of course the biggest news for Supergirl is the casting of Nicole Maines as TV’s first transgender superhero. Maines will play Nia Nal aka Dreamer, who joins CatCo as a reporter before embracing her heroic destiny.

Speaking of subtlety (and diversity), Legends of Tomorrow looks to continue being its delightful self next season with dragons, grumpy Mick, unicorns and – most of all – new Legend Constantine calling the rest of the team ‘wankers’. Ramona Young will also join as a new legend, presumably to fill the hole left by Wally.

Oh god I missed these guys.