Nightbreed TV series pressing ahead with Godzilla 2 director

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Clive Barker’s 1988 novel Cabal will get the TV treatment from Trick ‘r Treat director Michael Dougherty…

During a promotional interview for Hulu’s Books of Blood TV adaptation, Clive Barker has revealed that the long-in-gestation small screen version of his bestselling book Cabal is moving forward with Godzilla: King of the Monsters director Michael Dougherty in the director’s chair. The novel was first turned into a feature film called Nightbreed in 1990 and went through the wringer at its studio, suffering brutal cuts that totalled nearly an hour.

Barker is now writing the Nightbreed TV series alongside Josh Stolberg (Jigsaw, Sorority Row), and it is likely to be much closer to his original vision for the project.

“It’s exciting, after 30 years, to go back to these characters and find out who’s still speaking to me, who wants their story told,” Barker told ComingSoon. “My tongue isn’t in my cheek when I say that as when I start a piece, it’s listening. The writing is a piece of listening, I’ve always said I was a journalist and what I was reporting on was the space between my ears.”

1990’s Nightbreed followed unstable mental patient Aaron Boone (Craig Sheffer), who was falsely led to believe by his doctor that he was a serial killer. Tracked down by the police, his doctor, and his girlfriend Lori, Boone eventually found a refuge in an abandoned cemetery called Midian among a tribe of monsters and outcasts known as the “Nightbreed” …where they hid from humanity.

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