Only Murders in the Building Season 3

Only Murders in the Building – Series 4 is coming

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The Only Murders crew have another murder to solve… but will it take them out of New York? 

As Season 3 of Hulu’s hit comedy Only Murders in the Building concluded with another shock murder, it’s no surprise that the show’s creatives have plans for more.

Only Murders Season 4 was promptly confirmed in the wake of the finale by social media:

With the ‘Death Rattle Dazzle’ drama concluded, and Ben Glenroy’s killer revealed, the show took no time in looking to the future. However, both Mable (Selina Gomez) and Oliver (Martin Short) now have love interests whose futures appear to involve travel.

Only Murders in LA?

With plenty of S3 spoilers (naturally), show co-creator John Hoffman considered the LA question while speaking to Deadline:

“We’ll see. That is a wish too because there are continuations. It’s not like we put a final period on the interpersonal relationships that were so beautifully built across the season. I loved watching the reactions throughout the season to these personal relationships and what they mean. Now the trio is in a situation where with everyone they get involved they wonder, what have I done? Have I gotten involved with someone nefarious and murderous, potentially?”

Only Murders in the Building

He also politely addressed the potential for Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short’s co-star in Three Amigos!, to join the show:

“Well, that’s it… It’s been this amazing ride where if anyone’s talking about wanting to be in our show, I’m delighted beyond, especially someone of Chevy’s level and genius. So, I’m open to the world here as far as what we can go to next.”

However, it doesn’t take much digging on the net to find suggestions that Martin and Short might be less than keen…

We’ll keep you posted on Only Murders Season 4.

Only Murders in the Building Seasons 1 – 3 are available on Hulu in the US, and on Disney+ elsewhere.