Ordeal By Innocence: nearly a third of drama reshot in under two weeks

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The BBC’s latest Agatha Christie adaptation, Ordeal By Innocence, kicks off on Easter Sunday, with early reviews already lavishing praise on the production. If all had gone to plan, it would have screened over Christmas, but the brakes were applied when one of its original leads – Ed Westwick – was accused of sexual assault.

Westwick has denied the claims, but the BBC and Agatha Christie Limited put a hold on the already-shot drama. Then they made the decision to recast Westwick, and refilm his scenes.

In all, over 40 minutes of the drama was shot again, and the work was completed in just under two weeks. Christian Cooke took on the role Westwick had originally played, and the cast regrouped, flying in from around the world. Screenwriter Sarah Phelps added a small extra scene too.

The results of all of this can be seen from this Sunday. Three one-hour episodes in all make up the adaptation, and they’ll be going on subsequent Sundays.

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