Peaky Blinders may have a future after series 5 after all

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Returning to our screens for series 4 on November 15th is Peaky Blinders. The hit show, according to its creator Steven Knight, was envisaged as a five series run. But Knight has now given a new interview, in which he suggests that the end isn’t in sight after all.

Firstly, Knight confirmed that a stage musical is slowly making progress, and it’s a project he’s involved in. He also wouldn’t rule out a future Peaky Blinders movie. But in terms of the show’s television future, “the thought has long been to finish after season 5, but the momentum and love for the thing seems to still be growing exponentially and this is making us pause before deciding finally”.

That still suggests that there’s a chance Knight may choose to bring things to a close after the next series. But the plan seems less certain than it was, and there’s also the chance that Peaky Blinders will live on beyond the television screen too.

The immediate priority, though, once this current run is complete, is to get cracking on the already-confirmed Peaky Blinders series 5, which is expected around this time next year…