Queer as Folk: US reboot from Russell T Davies in development

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A landmark piece of representation for gay men, Russell T Davies’ Queer as Folk has been a cult favourite for decades, and now a US remake is in the offing…

Russell T Davies, the man who created the original series (and brought back a show called Doctor Who 14 years ago), is set to executive produce a new adaptation on Bravo. Stephen Dunn will write, direct and executive produce this new adaptation.

Starring Aiden Gillen, Charlie Hunnam and Craig Kelly, Queer as Folk followed the lives of three young, gay men in Manchester, a watershed moment for the British TV landscape. It ran for two series and was followed by another American reboot in 2005. However, this new adaptation will hew closer to the original series than the 2005 series.

It will feature entirely new characters, however, in a new setting and serve as a fresh take on the classic series that centres on a group of club-going friends who find support in the gay community following a tragedy.

We’ll keep you updated on this series.