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Rani Takes on the World – Big Finish revive a major SJA villain

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Samantha Bond’s Mrs Wormwood will face off against Rani and Clyde in The Revenge of Wormwood. 

With the first volume of Rani Takes on the World due for release imminently, audio producers Big Finish have just announced a major name for the series’ second volume.

December’s Rani Takes on the World: The Revenge of Wormwood will hear an encounter with The Sarah Jane Adventures‘ formidable Mrs Wormwood, as played by Samantha Bond.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Mrs Wormwood (Samantha Bond) and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen)

As the villain in The Sarah Jane Adventures pilot ‘Invasion of the Bane’, plus a rematch in the Season two finale ‘Enemy of the Bane’, the scheming Mrs Wormwood was a top tier villain for Sarah Jane and her teenage allies.

Previously she’s fronted an invasion (by fizzy drink) and then returned as a fugitive, allied with a Sontaran, in search of the body of an immortal cyborg. We can only speculate as to what her next scheme will involve!

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Mrs Wormwood (Samantha Bond) & Commander Kaagh (Anthony O'Donnell)

Fifteen years on, Samantha Bond returns to the role, saying:

“Getting back into character was really rather easy. I hadn’t forgotten her and she hadn’t forgotten me – it’s been a lovely experience. I don’t get to play baddies very often and the audio scripts are captivating.”

Anjli Mohindra, who plays Rani Chandra, adds:

“Samantha Bond is incredible. I remember being really in awe of her performance even way back when. She’s so sinister, strong and poised.”

Beyond Bannerman Road

Meanwhile, ahead of its April release, there’s now a trailer available for the first volume which is titled ‘Beyond Bannerman Road’.

Both volumes of Rani Takes on the World are available to pre-order from Big Finish. They’re available on collector’s edition CD box set + download, or digital download only.