First teaser for Sandman Audible adaptation released

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James McAvoy headlines a star-studded cast for the Neil Gaiman audio drama…

Audible has released a first teaser for Sandman today. You can check it out below…

The adaptation of this version of Neil Gaiman’s cult classic comic series has a huge voice cast. Gaiman himself narrates the audio series, with James McAvoy as Dream/Morpheus. Taron Egerton is John Constantine, Michael Sheen is Lucifer, Kat Dennings is Death, Riz Ahmed is The Corinthian, Andy Serkis is Matthew the Raven, Miriam Margolyes is Despair, Bebe Neuwirth is The Siamese Cat and Samantha Morton is Urania Blackwell. Joanna Lumley is Lady Joanna Constantine, Arthur Darvill is William Shakespeare, Paterson Jospeh is Choronzon, Justin Vivian Bond is Desire, Reginald D. Hunter is J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter, Anton Lesser is Dr. John Hathaway, Josie Lawrence is Mad Hettie, William Hope is Doctor Destiny, Matthew Horne is Hob Gadling and Sue Johnston is Unity Kinkaid.

In Sandman, Death’s brother, Dream (McAvoy) is taken by mistake, and the story follows what happens after he finally emerges 70 years after his capture.

Audible will start releasing instalments of Sandman on 15th July.