Sherlock: Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue hint at different future for the show

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San Diego Comic-Con is now underway in the US, and yesterday, a Sherlock panel took place, featuring producer Sue Vertue, and co-writer/creator Steven Moffat.

Firstly, as per Mark Gatiss earlier in the week, there’s still no sign of Sherlock series five coming quickly. “Everything’s possibly on the table”, Moffat said, but also added that he and Gatiss hadn’t had a proper chat about a new series yet. The pair’s attentions are instead on their upcoming Dracula TV show.

“Look, honestly, I’m only just right now finishing up on Doctor Who”, Moffat added, noting that for the past few years, he’s been pretty much non-stop writing both Who and Sherlock.

One interesting further tease. Moffat and Vertue were asked if there were plans to continue Sherlock in another form, away from the current television format. “There is something we’re working on in London”, Vertue said, with Moffat adding that “we do have an answer. We’re just not giving it”.

Speculation suggests that it may be to do with the theme park project that Paramount and the BBC are looking at in London. But, as ever, cards are being played close to chests on this one.

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