Star Trek Discovery Season 2: First look trailer teases ‘Short Treks’, Spock, more humour – SDCC

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A first look trailer for season two of Star Trek Discovery has landed online following its premiere at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, along with some tantalising spin-off news.

The spin-off will consist of four 10-15 minute shorts dubbed “Short Treks”, which will be released (presumably on Netflix in the UK) in December in order to give fans something to watch over the main show’s hiatus period.

The trailer itself looks good, and has more of the lighthearted adventurous spirit than many of the episodes in Discovery‘s first season. There’s even an alien snot gag at the end.

Expanding on the trailer’s tease that the Discovery will have to come to a classic character’s aid, executive producer Alex Kurtzman told the Comic-Con crowd: “I can tell you that yes, you will be seeing Spock this season.”

“So much of what is happening over the course of season two is going to test [the characters] constantly,” Kurtzman continued. “They may even have to make choices between their real families and their Star Trek families. Family theme is going to be a huge part of it.”

Star Trek Discovery returns in early 2019.