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Stargate SG-1: extended music score being released

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Few television sci-fi series have anything like the longevity of the first Stargate spin-off show, Stargate SG-1. One of the by-products of its success was a wide breadth of music, from composer Richard Bands. Some of his work is now being released in a very limited edition double CD set.

It’s part of Intrada’s special collection of such CD releases, with this one being numbered 374. It’s being released in the US at a price of $21.99, but it will ship to the UK too.

As for what’s one it, the set will feature Band’s scores to a quarter of Stargate SG-1 episodes. Specifically Cold Lazurus, In The Line Of Duty, The Serpent’s Lair and Singularity.

You can find more detail on the release at Intrada’s website, here

It’s worth having a good browse while you’re there, too, as its collection of special edition score releases is really quite something.