Stargirl extended trailer for season 2

Stargirl extended trailer gives a better sense of season 2

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CW just released the Stargirl extended trailer for season 2 and it’s worth a watch for fans and newcomers

We recently reported on the initial trailer for Stargirl season 2, and with this new extended trailer we have a far stronger sense of what’s to come in August.

At first look it starts the same, but we soon get a reminder of the end of season 1 and the beginnings of a new tension: the rest of the heroes in the new generation of the Justice Society of America want to relax now the bad guys are gone, but Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl herself, played by Brec Bassinger) isn’t convinced.

Amidst some soul searching, she then begins to face another challenge — can you be both a superhero and live a ‘normal’ life? This is the perennial dilemma faced by many superheroes and while the evidence suggest no, speaking to Pat Dugan (played by Luke Wilson) he isn’t so sure. Perspectives across generations is an interesting theme, and cue the arrival of Jade, daughter of the Green Lantern. There are interesting ideas of identity, independence from parents and choosing sides at play here, and we hope they are explored further.

Speaking of generations of heroes, it seems the latest villain is from the generation before — a new crop of heroes can still fight an old villain. Again this brings Pat Dugan (once Starman’s companion S.T.R.I.P.E.) into play.

We don’t know how well this season will balance classic high-school drama with good vs evil but we do hope it leaves room for character development as well.

Stargirl season 2 arrives in the US on CW August 10 (TV) and streaming on the 11th. We don’t yet know when it will arrive in the UK, so our advice is keep an eye on Amazon Prime. Don’t forget to watch the extended trailer!