Outer Range – final trailer for Josh Brolin’s mysterious Western (updated)

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Prime’s Video’s new supernatural mystery western Outer Range is coming in April.

Updated 07/04/22 – Ahead of its premiere, Prime Video have given us full trailer for Outer Range. While the first one teased the show’s mysteries, this gives a much better sense of the series’ narrative and allows us a longer look some of the principal characters.

We see the tussle over land between Royal’s family and his neighbours, as well as his first encounter with the mysterious void. There’s also lots of new art for the series, incorporating that circular sigil into the show’s neon bulb title. In the new trailer, Imogen Poot’s character is seen arriving at the ranch in search of it…

Outer Range key art

Outer Range begins on Friday, the 16th of April.

Original article follows…

Outer Range – Josh Brolin’s mind-bending Western gets trailer & date

Last month, we got a first look at Outer Range; starring Josh Brolin, it’s the story of a rancher which spins off into the supernatural and the broadcaster is promoting it as “bold and twisty”.

Set in the Wyoming wilderness, the story follows the Abbott family, centring on Brolin’s patriarch Royal Abbott. As the show begins, they’re coping with the disappearance of daughter-in-law Rebecca, before being pushed further to the brink when their neighbours make a play for their land. Then an untimely death in the community sets off a tense series of events and troubles come to a head with a mysterious black void arriving in their west pasture.

With Royal’s prayer framing the trailer, it appears a crisis of faith plays a central part in the show. Scenes of family are intercut with more gruesome elements and the suggestion of the passage of time. There’s also a military presence, perhaps surrounding something on the Abbott family’s land, as well as plenty of stunning scenery. Additionally, there’s a curious circular sigil which appears both on rocks and is being cut into a man’s chest. While Royal talks about a great void, we fear it may be both metaphysical physical too.

With the promise of secrets revealed, the trailer certainly delivers on the tension. Despite revealing very little about what’s going on, we want to watch. Job done!

An impressive cast joins Josh Brolin, including Imogen Poots and Lili Taylor. Tamara Podemski, Lewis Pullman, Tom Pelphrey, Shaun Sipos, Isabel Arraiza, Olive Abercrombie and Will Patton will also star.

First Season?

Interestingly, Amazon Studios describe this as the “first season”, with the implication of more to come. For more information on the show, check out our article from last month.

Running for eight episodes, Outer Range lands at Prime Video on Friday, 16th of April with weekly double-drops of episodes.