Outer Range Season 2

Outer Range Season 2 – official trailer lands

Outer Range season 2 is coming to Prime Video in May.  Updated 16/04/24: Prime Video have dropped a trailer for Outer Range Season 2. Under the auspices of a new showrunner, with Charles Murray (Sons of Anarchy) taking over from show creator Brian Watkins, the new run promises even more metaphysical Wyoming wilderness weirdness… For … >

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Martin Compston

Fear – Prime Video greenlights thriller for Compston and Mohindra

The pair will star as a married couple who relocate for a fresh start.  Thanks to Deadline and The Herald, we’ve learned that Martin Compston (Mayflies) is Glasgow bound. His next project, Fear, is based on Dirk Kurbjuweit’s German bestseller and co-stars Anjli Mohindra (The Lazarus Project). Fear A three-part psychological thriller, Fear tells the … >

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The Boys Season 4 - Homelander, arms open wide

The Boys Season 4 – launch date confirmed

The Boys are back in town, dealing with a superpowered election.  Updated 27/02/23: Prime Video announce the launch date for Season 4 of The Boys. It’s now confirmed that the diabolical drama about the superpowered ‘heroes’ of Vaught Industries and the scrappy team of vigilantes hell bent on taking them down returns on Thursday, 13th … >

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Merger rumours Paramount and Peacock

Merger rumours prove streaming is still evolving rapidly

Merger rumours concerning Paramount+ and Peacock demonstrate a market still in flux We’ve reported before on the ever-evolving market for streaming. Over the past two years the stories have been about how companies cope with the vast costs associated with market entry. More established brands (eg Disney) have spend big (Star Wars and Marvel), produced a lot … >

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Malice – Duchovny & Whitehall for new psychological thriller

The pair are joined in Malice by Game of Thrones‘ star Carice Van Houten.  News has landed, via Variety, of a new psychological thriller series being made for Amazon’s Prime Video. While plot details are scant, we understand that Malice follows a young man, played by Jack Whitehall, who attempts to infiltrate the world of … >

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The Terminal List

The Terminal List: Dark Wolf – Amazon line up the prequel series

Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch reprise their characters from The Terminal List in Dark Wolf – a series which explores their backstory.  Prime Video have announced that the prequel to their Navy SEAL conspiracy thriller The Terminal List begins filming soon. Called The Terminal List: Dark Wolf, the new show is expected to focus on … >

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith – official trailer lands

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine star as the spies living undercover, together as Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  After showrunner Francesca Sloane’s fascinating open letter about the show, Prime Video have dropped the official trailer for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The adaption of the 2005 rom com aims to re-mix the concept and looks like bags … >

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith - Donald Glover & Maya Erskine

Mr. and Mrs. Smith – showrunner describes the show as “a big swing”

Francesca Sloane tackles the question of why they’ve adapted the movie and how it will be different.  The new television series adaptation of Mr and Mrs Smith launches next month, adapting the 2005 Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie spy rom-com. With Donald Glover and Maya Erskine in the lead roles, the show’s co-creator and showrunner Francesca Sloane … >

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Prime Video adverts are coming

Prime Video adverts are coming — what’s happening and what next?

Prime Video adverts are coming — what are the details, is it reasonable and what next If you’re in the UK (and various other regions) and an Amazon Prime subscriber, you will find an email arriving (we got ours today) with details of changes to the service — heads up, it’s not a surprise New … >

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2023 ended too soon

Ended too soon — six shows cancelled in 2023

2023 has been an interesting if varied year for television shows — we remember six we feel ended too soon There’s been plenty to entertain in 2023, but also disappointments. Nothing feels worse than vesting time in a show for it to be cancelled with plenty more story to come or even ending a season … >

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