Thunderbirds start date confirmed by ITV

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ITV has confirmed a start date for series three of the successful Thunderbirds revival, Thunderbirds Are Go!

As per the last series, and as you may have guessed, the new run is being broken into two chunks. The first part is going to debut its run on Saturday March 31st, at 8.30am on ITV and CITV. Episodes will run, again, for 22 minutes apiece.

The synopsis for the new series has been released too, and it reads as follows:

This series, International Rescue has their hands full: The Tracys and their Thunderbirds must go above and beyond to tackle new threats while continuing to rescue those in need. An undersea mission for Thunderbird 2, the return of Maximum MAX (and several other MAXes for that matter), the unrelenting heat of planet Mercury and a rapidly growing giant geranium are just a taste of what’s in store. Luckily, our heroes find help along the way: from a game master within his futuristic virtual realm, a rig driver facing perilous conditions, and a pompous race car driver just to name a few. The GDF also steps in to help with their own rescue operation machinations (known as “R.O. BOTS”), but they soon prove to be more trouble than they’re worth. All the while, through every adventure, a grand and ultimate mission begins to take shape. One that will require the combined assembly of every Thunderbird, not to mention the aid of International Rescue’s old “friend” – the Mechanic. This mission, once attempted, would leave Tracy Island vulnerable to a devastating attack, but it may also end in the Tracys’ biggest and most personal rescue yet.

We’ll update you when we have a definite start date.