SyFy UK has picked up Black Mirror-esque anthology horror Dimension 404

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If you’re missing Black Mirror on Netflix and need that Twilight Zone anthology itch scratched, then SyFy UK is here to save you. The channel has picked up Dimension 404 – a star-studded tech morality tale told across six episodes.

The series has already aired on streaming channel Hulu in the US, and stars the likes of Patton Oswalt, Joel McHale, Lea Michele, Sarah Hyland, Ashley Rickards, and Robert Buckley.

To top it off, Mark Hamill is on hand to provide narration.

We’ve been lucky enough to have seen a few episodes of this and we’d say, while it’s very good and imaginative in its own right, it’s nowhere near as dark or glossy as Black Mirror. Come for the cast, stay for the fun.

Dimension 404 will air from Tuesday 3 October.