The Ark – Syfy commissions a new series from Dean Devlin

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The show will follow the crew of stricken planetary colonization ship. 

Syfy have announced they’ve greenlit a new series, titled The Ark, from Dean Devlin. He’s the creative mind behind films such as Stargate and Independence Day, as well as shows like Leverage and The Librarians. Set in deep space, the story will follow a crew whose mission is derailed.

Here’s the premise of The Ark:

“The story is set 100 years in the future at a time when planetary colonization missions have become a necessity to secure the survival of the human race. The series follows the crew of the Ark One after they encounter a disaster on their mission with more than a year left to go before reaching their destination. They’ll grapple with a lack of life-sustaining supplies and a leadership vacuum, forcing the remaining crew to become the best versions of themselves to stay on course and stay alive.”

It sounds like a great storytelling environment to us with the opportunity for some tense, pressure cooker drama. Let’s just hope there’s no Wirrin on board!

Devlin will showrun the project with Jonathan Glassner, who co-created and executive produced the first three years of the Stargate-SG1 television series. Glassner has a prolific tv resume as a writer, director and producer. The pair previously worked together on SYFY’s The Outpost, which concluded last year after four seasons.

Straight to Series

With plenty of confidence in the show, Syfy have ordered The Ark straight to series, commissioning it for a 12-episode run. Production begins in March, based in Belgrade.

Speaking about the show, Devlin said:

“I’m so excited to have the opportunity to partner with SYFY again and can’t think of a better collaborator than Jonathan Glassner to bring this series to life.”

Devlin and Glassner will both executive produce the show, along with Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson of Electric Entertainment. Jonathan English of Balkanic Media will also produce.

It’s early days for The Ark, but we should start hear more details pretty soon. We’ll keep you posted.