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The Champions — coming to Talking Pictures in March

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Classic 1960s British science fiction show The Champions is coming to Talking Pictures this March

One of a collection of cult TV shows from the ’60s and ’70s, The Champions was a single series of 30 episodes. It focussed on three agents for the organisation Nemesis baed in Geneva. The core idea was the agents crashed in snow and an ancient civilisation takes them in, heals them, gives them special powers then lets them back into the world. They use their telepathy, strength and foresight to defeat villains on the behest of their boss Tremayne (Anthony Nicholls).

The agents were (in order of the photo) Richard Barrett (William Gaunt), Craig Stirling (Stuart Damon) and Sharron Macready (Alexandra Bastedo). There was a strong multi-national flavour, with with the use of Geneva and Stirling being an American. Despite some interest in 2007, plans for a film never materialised. It seems to us the format is ready for an update and could easily make a comeback, though perhaps the trio were a little too clean shaven for modern audiences.

You can make up your own mind from March 7 2021 when The Champions appears on Talking Pictures TV at 9pm. We’re setting our recorders now. Until then, here’s a trailer.