The Kit Curran Radio Show finally getting a DVD release

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Recently, the fine folks at Simply Media have brought us some very welcome DVD releases of shows we thought were lost to the archive. We’ve certainly been enjoying our time with Jossy’s Giants for a start.

Next, Network is getting in on the act. It’s liberated from the archives the seemingly long-lost The Kit Curran Radio Show, penned by Andy Hamilton and then Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin (the pair would move on to create Drop The Dead Donkey together). The show starred Denis Lawson in the title role, and two series were ordered and screened by ITV (although the title was truncated to Kit Curran for series two).

Both series will be available in a two-disc set that’s been scheduled for 10th September 2018. And you can preorder it right here:

Pricing has been set at £19.99.