The Mallorca Files

The Mallorca Files series 2 coming soon to BBC (maybe February)

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It’s soon time to go back to the Balearics as The Mallorca Files series 2 is coming (very) soon

In case you don’t know, The Mallorca Files is a day time TV show shown on the BBC and co-produced with German station ZDF, written by Good Karma Hospital’s Dan Sefton. Visually it’s easy to compare it to Death in Paradise as both are detective shows set on sun-drenched holiday islands; it also has that easy watch day time feel of Shakespeare and Hathaway (surely this must be back soon as well?!) The show has just had its press preview screenings, and we understand it may be back on screen in early February, then both series will be available on iPlayer.

The setup is classic. Uptight hard-working British cop Miranda Blake (Elen Rhys) is thrown together with chilled German policeman Max Winter (Julian Looman) to investigate crimes and navigate the inevitable will they won’t they dynamic used in dozens of shows from Haven, The X-files, Moonlighting and dozens of others. It’s an easy watch and has been a big hit, selling to some 60 countries and breaking records (according to the Majorca Daily Bulletin article here).

Series 1 of The Mallorca Files was ten episodes; we understand the new series has had to be cut back to six. We hope this means the production team will be left to focus on a series 3. You can follow the show on its BBC page here, or watch series 1 now on iPlayer.