The Saint (2013)

The Saint: unaired reboot pilot released next month, featuring Roger Moore cameo

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Back at the end of 2012, a new America remake of the classic spy television series (or a fresh adaptation of the books, if you prefer) The Saint was motoring forward, and it had just cast Adam Rayner in the lead role. The same lead role role – Simon Templar – made famous by the late, great Roger Moore.

The plan was to make a pilot episode, and then hope that it persuaded an American television network to order a series. But only one of those two things happened.

The pilot certainly got made, and Rayner starred in it. It was directed by Ernie Barbarash (Con Air director Simon West was originally attached, and is still listed on IMDB), and Eliza Dushku co-starred. Jesse Alexander wrote the script, and was set to oversee the subsequent TV show.

Sir Roger Moore filmed a cameo in the pilot too, and the pilot was wrapped up in 2013. The plot for it centred on Simon Templar on the hunt for a rich man’s kidnapped daughter. A couple of billion dollars appeared to be involved too.

But it was never screened, although a promotional video was released online…

The pilot didn’t get picked up, but at last, we’re finally going to get to see it. It’s been announced for release in America next month, on digital HD and video on demand. There’s no confirmation on if it’ll hit UK services, but The Saint reboot will be available from July 11th in America. It’ll be a chance to see one of Sir Roger Moore’s final acting roles.