The Simpsons renewed

The Simpsons renewed by Disney+ for two more seasons

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The Simpsons renewed for seasons 33 & 34 — the show’s popularity continues

Taking fans into the next few years, WhatsOnDisney have reported the Disney+ announcement that The Simpsons is renewed. Whatever your opinions of the show (and at least some of us at Cultbox Manor don’t watch it as much as we did last millennium) this is clearly an achievement and testament the series is doing something right (the odd casting mishap aside). We liked Homer’s response to the news:

‘Woo Hoo!  With any luck the show will soon be older than I am!’

All very tongue in cheek, as are the ideas for the new seasons from Matt Groening:

‘Everyone at THE SIMPSONS is thrilled to be renewed once more, and we are planning lots of big surprises. Homer will lose a hair, Milhouse will get contact lenses, and Bart will celebrate his tenth birthday for the thirty-third time.’

Charlie Collier, CEO, FOX Entertainment chipped in:

‘Profound respect for and congratulations to Matt, Jim, Al and the many other wonderful partners working really hard to finally elevate “The Tracey Ullman Show.” As they say, “practice makes perfect.”‘

Dana Walden, Chairman of Entertainment, Walt Disney Television was a little more direct in her praise:

Original, brilliant, outrageously funny, prophetic…there aren’t enough positive adjectives to describe this genius comedy which continues to entertain viewers of all ages

That pretty much says it all. The Simpsons is widely available to watch — if you’ve not caught it for a while, why not give it another look?