The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks Rick’s exit

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Low ratings be damned, The Walking Dead season nine is still ploughing ahead to Andrew Lincoln’s exit and star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been chatting about it…

Speaking at New York Comic Con to Digital Spy and other members of the press, Morgan had nothing but praise for the way Rick will ultimately go out: “[He liked] the way Angela [Kang, new showrunner] and Greg [Nicotero, executive producer] and the writers have used this… because it would have been easy for us to fall apart.”

“Don’t think that we didn’t think that there was a possibility that things could go to shit – because they could have, and I’ve seen shows go to shit if they lose a Rick Grimes-type character.”

“[But] I think that it’s been used to its advantage. I really think that the storytelling has been super exciting, and the tone of the show got to change. It’s not a reboot, it’s a new beginning,” he added.

The Walking Dead continues next week on AMC in the US and FOX in the UK.

Digital Spy