Three stars of Mrs Brown’s Boys accused of avoiding tax

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The Paradise Papers document leak, that has seen millions of documents outlining how rich people legally avoid paying tax, has now enveloped a trio of stars from the TV show Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Fiona Delany, Martin Delany and Patrick Houlihan allegedly used a collection of offshore companies to significantly reduce the amount of tax that they pay on their earnings. This is a similar scheme to the one that Jimmy Carr employed, where it was revealed that he was paying just a few percent of tax on his earnings.

Patrick Houlhan, who plays the character of Dermot on the show, has told the Irish Times that he did indeed sign up to the scheme, but “you never knew what the f*ck was going on”.

Brendan O’Carroll, the creator and star of Mrs Brown’s Boys, has insisted that he is not now and never will be involved in any tax avoidance scheme.

Still, many irate fans have taken to social media, threatening a boycott of the show.

Appleby, the company who ran the scheme in question, gave a statement to The Guardian that reads: “there is no evidence of wrongdoing either on the part of ourselves or our clients”.

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