Poldark Series 3

New Poldark series 3 trailer is everything you expect

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A new Poldark series 3 trailer hints that they’ll be just as much action, and maybe even fewer shirts.

Typical, you spend time putting together an everything we know post on the subject, and a few hours later a new Poldark season 3 trailer turns up.

Look, here it is…

Truth be told, itĀ gives away very little. I suppose that’s what we should expect from such things. It does, however, hint that we’ll be seeing a lot of what we’ve come to expect from the series. That’ll be sweeping coastal vistas; horses galloping into the distance; confrontation; and shirtless, fit men.

Fair enough.

Poldark, we’ve also learned recently, is due back on our screens on June 11th at 9pm.