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UFO: Watch Gerry Anderson’s classic show for free on Forces TV

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Starting Monday 9 November 2020 at 9 pm, Forces TV is starting another run of UFO.

This early end of the 1960s Gerry Anderson production was his first venture into live action shows, i which clandestine organisation SHADO protects the Earth from aliens. It’s noted for the fashions and breadth of vision; there was a moonbase, a submarine (Skydiver) with separable nose section (Sky 1) and even a computer satellite (SID) scanning space for flying saucers. While UFO only survived for one season, it did provide the seeds for Space 1999, another Gerry Anderson classic live action show.

UFO is broadcast on Forces TV, a Freeview channel, so no subscription to pay. If you’ve never tried the channel, you’ve missed a lot of classic British TV (mostly 70s and 80s), and Cultbox visitors will surely be interested in rewatching UFO, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica (original version) and more. Forces TV has just been showing the V miniseries and earlier this year gave viewers a rare chance to see Sapphire & Steel (now available on Britbox).

It’s useful to know you don’t have to pay a subscription to watch entertaining cult television, and we at Cultbox are more than happy to celebrate the past as well as the present.