Doctor Who on Forces TV – twelve classic stories

Further to the recent announcement, we now have a list of the stories Forces TV viewers can look forward to.  After the exciting news that a selection of classic Doctor Who stories from the 1970s and 80s are coming to Forces TV, we were left with a puzzle – what would they show? Thanks to … >

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Classic Doctor Who is coming to Forces TV

The UK free-to-air channel beings a run of classic Doctor Who stories this month.  Forces TV have announced that they will be showing a run of twelve stories from the classic era of Doctor Who. With BBC repeats a rarity and access to these episodes otherwise needing a subscription or a boxset budget, it’s great … >

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Gerry Andersons UFO

UFO: Watch Gerry Anderson’s classic show for free on Forces TV

Starting Monday 9 November 2020 at 9 pm, Forces TV is starting another run of UFO. This early end of the 1960s Gerry Anderson production was his first venture into live action shows, i which clandestine organisation SHADO protects the Earth from aliens. It’s noted for the fashions and breadth of vision; there was a moonbase, a … >

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